I can find 43 things I could do other than write: 

1. sleep in

2. wash the dishes

3. take a dump

4. watch youtubes

5. make my bed

6. read the news

i just realized that after the election the news is going to be alot more boring. it’s funny how election year, just like when NBA Finals of World Series comes around, makes every one a fan.

7. read a book

8. look for cool new music 

9. go to the gym

10. clean my apartment

11. write a list about how i don’t like writing

12. sit and think about how writing is very rewarding otherwise you wouldn’t be doing it right now

12 is enough, i’m already getting tired. but anyway, writing is fun but what is it about writing that makes it so easily detestable when once you get it going it becomes one of the most cathartic experiences? probably the fact that it requires a little or a lot, of introspection. i mean even the most shallow of shallow writers at least have to scratch the surface to find something that anybody would be half interested in reading. 

that bit of scratching/digging inevitably takes someone out of the comfort zone into about things, not analyzing your life and the worries of making money and how you’re frustrated with your career, wishing you were writing more so you weren’t getting so jealous when other directors were making these awesome videos, no not that. but how you have to face the similarities between you and and all your deeply flawed characters. 

anyway, i’m boring myself going on this rant. i think i’d rather get some real writing done.

before i get to that!


13. i can post and talk about this 20 second teaser we put together for our new Gnarls Barkley video “Mystery Man”. of course this makes me a whore, selling my own soul so Cee-lo can save his through re-releasing something like 10 different versions of “who’s gonna save my soul” and calling it an EP.



1 Response to “Writing…”

  1. 1 Panto October 24, 2008 at 6:55 pm

    That is precisely what blogs are for-the non-writing writers. Keep it up Batman. The juices shall flow..

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